BA Shipping offers the service of Shipping Freight and Insurance International Goods by air, sea and / or land resources .

Every customer has different requirements for the transport of their products, and that is why in BA Shipping we specialize in personalizing each operation.
We handle rate agreements with major destinations in the world and we also have agents in all existing locations , which maintain high standards of excellence in the service we provide .
Our company offers different transportation options, always with the best rate .

We provide value-added service as the pick up and delivery at source port / airport of destination or a door to door service , depending on the condition of sale and customer preference .

Some of the largest multinationals in the country rely on our services for foreign trade operations . In BA Shipping, value the trust placed in us , and recompense it with a first class service .

For more information about our services , please call us at +54 011 5254 8080 or send an email to